Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring in the box

I rarely buy jewellery for my(oh-so-prudent)self, as I am the kind of person who rolls out of bed desperate to get dressed & get over it (especially in the Irish climate, which is an ordeal of sorts in its own right). I actually sometimes roll out of bed fully-dressed, having decided there's so little left of the night I may actually take a shower and get dressed before going to bed. But I think, even for my standards, it would be quite extravagant to accessorize in these circumstances. Silver chains work fantastic when it comes to showering and sleeping in them, but there's a small crack of the issue: they can get really hot when you're drying your hair. So rather than going to work with a circular burn around my neck, and having everyone cast these questioning looks (did she try to strangle herself? Likes SM?) I store them safely in a box (the box was originally designed to contain washing powder, and it was really the only thing it could do justice to, so I opted out of showing its full-on unsightliness here). After letting it collect dust for a while, I was amused to find what I found there: butterflies, flowers, birds, heart of the ocean...I know, I know, but heeey, didn't I include a disclaimer in the opening line? Abstracting from the fancy collection, there's a practical lesson number one you can take away from here: if you decide to go crazy this spring and someone questions the tastefullness of your butterfly-adorned attire, remind him that 'entomology is a rapidly growing field'. You can't argue that. 

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